Our Designs "don't just look good, they feel good !"







Event/Exhibit Design

Stand Out From the Rest

Draw attention! Increase visitor traffic!  Custom design created specifically for your purpose!  



Set the MOOD!  Create the AMBIANCE!  Evoke the EMOTION!  All with our creative designs!

Event Design Display

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We are experts in giving you the most dazzle for your dollar/ the most effects without increasing the checks!

Our clients are confident in knowing the end result because we ensure their visions are understood.  We are the only firm in the area that can design/re-design your space AND plan, design, and coordinate your special event.  Our designs not only delight but offers an experience as well.

We specialize in doing for you what you don't have time to do and or have the expertise to perform.  Allowing our customers to put check marks on their TO-Do list is we we're delighted to accomplish.  We've been in business for 14 years and our skill level encompasses: on the spot hand sketches to full 3-D renderings; feasibility studies to full design implementation.  Whatever your design needs, it can be provided.  The designers have an extensive art background and hands on approach.
Want something quick & ready made?  Or, something lavish and custom?  Either way, we got you covered!
Our services are provided for residential, corporate, commercial, hospitality, and events.  Our preferred resources are those with locally made  and environmentally friendly products.

Healing Design LLC BBB Business Review


Want to feel better?  Start with your surroundings.



...Form Ever Follows Function.



Love is like sugar, the more you add the sweeter it gets.


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